Mosaic: A Viable Human-centered Alternative to Facebook

  • Briefly describe how Facebook is a threat to a free, open, and healthy society.
  • Enumerate the challenges in building a viable Human-centered alternative to Facebook that addresses the various problems that Facebook currently presents.
  • Introduce the high level approach to building Mosaic, a decentralized and self sovereign human-centered social media network.
  • Inspire a critical mass of relevant actors to support and engage in a holistic design process that will produce an actionable plan to build out the network.


The Problem with Facebook

What is the Solution? Mosaic!

Why Haven’t Facebook Challengers Succeeded Yet?

A Holistic Design Process, a Next Step

Mosaic’s High Level Design

A Self Sovereign Architecture

Community Spaces

  • Clubs: School, Book, Chess, etc..
  • Groups: Sports, Interests, Regional, etc…
  • Organizations: Corporations, Nonprofits, NGOs, Government Agencies
  • Civic Spaces: Town Halls, Participatory Budgeting, etc..
  • Networks: Marketplaces, Mutual Aid Networks, Political Parties, etc…

News Feeds and Peer-to-Peer Messaging


Issues We’ll Need to Grapple With


Social Health & Mental Well Being

Fake News & Sensemaking


Business and Organizational Models

  • Hosting services for Personal Data Vaults
  • Hosting services for Community Spaces
  • Community Space Design (think wordpress template)
  • Community Space Administration (e.g. club management)
  • Hardware providers (host your PDV at home or in your office)
  • A monthly fee (like a website hosting fee)
  • Access to our information (e.g. gmail)
  • Our attention (advertisements)

The Mosaic Foundation

The Art of the Possible

Call to Action


Why Other Efforts Have Failed or Floundered

  • No sustainable business model
  • Poor marketing and/or fringe audience
  • Only marginally better than Facebook but fundamentally the same




Bringing people together to build the next generation Web.

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Mosaic Foundation (Adam Lake)

Mosaic Foundation (Adam Lake)

Bringing people together to build the next generation Web.

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