The Prospect of a People’s Voice Platform: How to Break the Two Party Corporate Duopoly and Renew American Democracy

People’s Voice Platform Use Cases

People’s Candidate Pledge Signing and Site Creation

  1. People’s Voice does identity proofing on Mrs. Turner and issues her a candidate credential.
  2. Turner signs the standard People’s Voice Pledge. Note: maybe there can be multiple versions of the People’s Pledge
  3. The Cynthia Turner for Mayor People’s Voice site is generated and the signed pledge is posted.

Campaign Policy Platform

Onboarding Citizens into the Athens People’s Voice Website

  1. Cynthia wins election and starts interacting with her constituents using the Athens, Virginia controlled People’s Voice website (
  2. The city of Athens does some marketing about the new Athens People’s Voice platform and sends out snail mailers to onboard citizens by mail using a QR code.
  3. Citizens click on a personalized link to authenticate themselves as a particular voter and to their Citizen of Athens Virginia credential to use for all future interactions with the website.

Streaming Town Hall, Fireside Chats

Citizen Surveys & Voting

Drafting of Legislation

Delegation of Voting

Citizen Initiated Action

  1. Ganon thinks that an important policy was left out of the policing and public health discussion. He would like to suggest the banning of choke-holds by police. Ganon finds template legislation to ban choke-holds by police in a different city’s public archive.
  2. Ganon generates a petition to bring the ban choke-holds by police legislation to a vote.
  3. A threshold of citizens, 10% of registered participants, digitally signs the petition to bring the ban choke-holds by police to a vote.
  4. The details of the vote and the supporting legislation are presented to the citizens in the exact form they were entered into the petition.
  5. Results of the vote are publicly available in the same form as Representative-initiated surveys and votes.

Citizen Vote on Congressional Bill



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